Freedom Optimist Soccer Scholarship

The Freedom Optimist Soccer Scholarship was created to reward high school seniors and college freshmen for their involvement in the Freedom Optimist Soccer program, in the community and their academic achievement. Freedom Optimist Soccer will award up to six $1000.00 scholarships each year to seniors in high school or freshmen in college selected from applicants who meet the criteria within the attachment.

Weather Hotline and Heat, Thunder & Lightning Policies

Weather Hotline
Call the Freedom Area Rec Council hotline at (410) 549-6296, Option 5 to check on field availability.  On weekdays the message is updated by 3pm.

Carroll County Recreation and Parks Heat, Thunder & Lightning Policy
Approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the activity, temperature and heat index reading should be taken at the site or from or a comparable source. The following are recommended guidelines for coaches, program leaders and volunteers to follow with regards to Department sponsored youth activities:
  • Heat Index: 80-89 – Use caution; monitor athletes carefully for necessary action.
  • Heat Index: 90-104 – Use extreme caution; remove helmets and other equipment if not involved in contact.
  • Heat Index: 105-129 – Alter uniforms by removing items where feasible; practice should be shortened with low intensity & limited conditioning.
  • Heat Index: 130 & above – NO practices or games. Activities should be rescheduled for early/late in the day or an alternate date when the heat index is lower.

Use Weather Channel (PDF) or National Weather Service (HTML) to calculate Heat Index.

Thunder and Lightning
At the first sound of Thunder or the first sighting of Lightning – All outdoor recreation council activities are to be stopped and the participants must clear the fields to a protected area and wait 30 minutes before activities can resume. Any additional occurrence restarts the 30 minute count until activities can resume.  You can read the official policy at County Heat, Thunder and Lightening Policy.

Freedom Optimist Soccer Spirit Wear!

Freedom Optimist Soccer Spirit WearShow your Freedom Optimist Soccer Pride and support the program with Freedom Optimist Soccer Spirit Wear.

Visit and click on the Shop link in the upper right hand corner and select Freedom Optimist.

Spirit wear is great for upcoming holidays gifts. Maybe you really like your coach and want to get them something special. Show your Freedom Optimist Soccer Pride!

All proceeds will directly support the Freedom Optimist Soccer program.

Thank you for your support!