Spring 2024 Season Update

Spring 2024 Season Update (as of 19 April, 2024)
Soccer BallAny volunteers who help out more than a single week must register as a volunteer. Follow the instructions in the post “Coaching or Volunteering? Background Check Requirements →”.

This weekend is the fourth weekend of the Spring season, and possibly under nice soccer weather again!

For divisions with referees, the referees will bring the game balls to the field. There is no equipment to pick up. If you need a pinnie for a goalie, stop by the equipment area at the fields where the red shirt wearing Board members are. Referees will perform equipment and uniform checks, so make sure all players are wearing their matching uniform socks overtop of shinguards (mandatory). Uniform shirts should be worn overtop of any sweatshirts, but referees have discretion as long as they can distinguish the team color.

For divisions without referees (Clinic and PreK/K), the first coach at a field (8am) should pick up the equipment from the equipment area at the fields where the red shirt wearing Board members are. Then the bag is left at the field until the last session at the field ends (1pm for PreK/K teams on Fields 11a and 11b, 1pm for Clinic teams on Fields 12 and 13, and 11am for Clinic teams on Field 8), and the final teams at the fields need to return the bag to the equipment area.

Schedules have been posted to SportsEngine and our website. Make sure to download and log into the SportsEngine app using the same email address used for player registration to see your team and schedule. You may have to click the “Add Team” button to locate your team if it’s not automatically showing.

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