Coed Pre-K / Kindergarten Spring Division

General Rules and Information

All divisions follow FIFA rules with some exceptions in the divisions to maintain the instructional nature of the recreational program and adjust for smaller gametime during the Spring season.

General Information
  • Teams only meet on Sundays; no weekday practices
  • The first Sunday is a practice; the remainder of the season are games
  • Four 10 minute quarters with 2 minute break between quarters and 5 minute halftime
  • 5 v 5 or 4 v 4 (based on available players) with Goalkeeper and no Offside calls
  • All fouls are awarded indirect kicks; no penalty kicks or direct kicks
  • No slide tackles or heading (drop ball for unintentional contact,
      indirect kick awarded for intentional contact)
  • Substitutions happen “on the fly”, anytime, with no stoppage needed
  • At least two female players must be on the field (subject to available players)
  • Size 3 ball
Curtin(PreK-K) vs Okoniewski(PreK-K)
Ormston(PreK-K) vs Davis(PreK-K)
Holzman(PreK-K) vs Fenfert(PreK-K)
Keenan(PreK-K) vs Abbott(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Abrams(PreK-K)
Abrams(PreK-K) vs Keenan(PreK-K)
Davis(PreK-K) vs Holzman(PreK-K)
Abbott(PreK-K) vs Ormston(PreK-K)
Okoniewski(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Fenfert(PreK-K) vs Curtin(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Fenfert(PreK-K)
Abbott(PreK-K) vs Abrams(PreK-K)
Keenan(PreK-K) vs Okoniewski(PreK-K)
Ormston(PreK-K) vs Holzman(PreK-K)
Curtin(PreK-K) vs Davis(PreK-K)
Davis(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Holzman(PreK-K) vs Curtin(PreK-K)
Abrams(PreK-K) vs Ormston(PreK-K)
Okoniewski(PreK-K) vs Abbott(PreK-K)
Fenfert(PreK-K) vs Keenan(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Holzman(PreK-K)
Ormston(PreK-K) vs Curtin(PreK-K)
Abbott(PreK-K) vs Fenfert(PreK-K)
Keenan(PreK-K) vs Davis(PreK-K)
Abrams(PreK-K) vs Okoniewski(PreK-K)
Curtin(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Fenfert(PreK-K) vs Abrams(PreK-K)
Holzman(PreK-K) vs Keenan(PreK-K)
Okoniewski(PreK-K) vs Ormston(PreK-K)
Davis(PreK-K) vs Abbott(PreK-K)
Ormston(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Keenan(PreK-K) vs Curtin(PreK-K)
Abrams(PreK-K) vs Davis(PreK-K)
Abbott(PreK-K) vs Holzman(PreK-K)
Okoniewski(PreK-K) vs Fenfert(PreK-K)