Clinic 3 Division

General Rules and Information

The Clinic 3 Division meets every Saturday for practice and games. It is designed for fun and to introduce pre-school players to the game of soccer and team sports.

General Information
  • Teams only meet on Saturdays; no weekday practices
  • 60 minutes of fun games and “scrimmage”
  • First half of session consists of fun learning soccer drills
  • Second half session consists of the team playing a “scrimmage” game
      against themselves
  • No offside calls, fouls, no penalty kicks, direct kicks, etc.
  • No slide tackles or heading
  • Players are given a size 3 Ball for them to keep
  • No playoffs
JR Geld
Girod(Clinic3) vs Dougherty(Clinic3)
Murphy(Clinic3) vs Bergeron(Clinic3)
Tripp(Clinic3) vs Geld(Clinic3)
Bellin(Clinic3) vs
Dougherty(Clinic3) vs
Bergeron(Clinic3) vs Tripp(Clinic3)
Geld(Clinic3) vs Girod(Clinic3)
Bellin(Clinic3) vs Murphy(Clinic3)
Girod(Clinic3) vs Bergeron(Clinic3)
Bellin(Clinic3) vs Dougherty(Clinic3)
Geld(Clinic3) vs
Murphy(Clinic3) vs Tripp(Clinic3)
Dougherty(Clinic3) vs Murphy(Clinic3)
Bergeron(Clinic3) vs
Geld(Clinic3) vs Bellin(Clinic3)
Tripp(Clinic3) vs Girod(Clinic3)
Dougherty(Clinic3) vs Geld(Clinic3)
Tripp(Clinic3) vs
Murphy(Clinic3) vs Girod(Clinic3)
Bellin(Clinic3) vs Bergeron(Clinic3)
Girod(Clinic3) vs
Tripp(Clinic3) vs Bellin(Clinic3)
Bergeron(Clinic3) vs Dougherty(Clinic3)
Geld(Clinic3) vs Murphy(Clinic3)
Geld(Clinic3) vs Bergeron(Clinic3)
Bellin(Clinic3) vs Girod(Clinic3)
Murphy(Clinic3) vs
Dougherty(Clinic3) vs Tripp(Clinic3)
Bellin(Clinic3) vs
Dougherty(Clinic3) vs Girod(Clinic3)
Geld(Clinic3) vs Tripp(Clinic3)
Bergeron(Clinic3) vs Murphy(Clinic3)
Murphy(Clinic3) vs Bellin(Clinic3)
Dougherty(Clinic3) vs
Tripp(Clinic3) vs Bergeron(Clinic3)
Girod(Clinic3) vs Geld(Clinic3)
Tripp(Clinic3) vs Murphy(Clinic3)
Geld(Clinic3) vs
Dougherty(Clinic3) vs Bellin(Clinic3)
Bergeron(Clinic3) vs Girod(Clinic3)