Boys High School Division (2022 Playoffs)

Fall 2022 Playoff Semifinal

Fall 2022 Playoff Semifinal


Fall 2022 Championship


Fall 2022 All-Star Game


Fall 2022 Regular Season Standings

General Rules and Information

All divisions follow FIFA rules with some exceptions in the divisions to maintain the instructional nature of the recreational program. Division coordinators send out season-by-season divisional changes.

General Information
  • 11 v 11 with Offside calls
  • Two 35 minute halves; no extra-time
  • Cards are issued for dangerous play and inappropriate conduct
  • Substitutions can occur on kick-offs (by either team), goal kicks (by either team),
      or your team’s throw-in at the discretion of the referee.
      You can substitute on the other team’s throw-in only if
      they are also substituting (i.e. piggy-backing).
      No substitution on corner kicks or free kicks.
  • Size 5 Ball
  • All teams play in the playoff tournament
  • Placement Standings: Win (3 pts), Draw (1 pt), Loss (0 pts) with
      tiebreaker as Coach head-to-head record, then least goals allowed, then coin toss
  • FOS overtime format if a playoff tournament games ends in a tie
  • More info…
All-Star Game
  • Two teams; all teams represented
Adam Maisano