Pre-K / Kindergarten Division

General Rules and Information

All divisions follow FIFA rules with some exceptions in the divisions to maintain the instructional nature of the recreational program. Division coordinators send out season-by-season divisional changes.

General Information
  • 5 v 5 (based on available players) with teams split into two squads, using two fields
  • No Goalkeeper
  • Four 10 minute quarters with 3 minutes between quarters and a 5 minute halftime;
      no extra-time
  • All fouls are awarded indirect kicks; no penalty kicks or direct kicks
  • Standard set plays are called and awarded (Corner Kicks, Goal Kicks, Throw-Ins)
  • No Offside calls
  • No slide tackles or heading (drop ball for unintentional contact,
      indirect kick awarded for intentional contact)
  • Cards are not issued for dangerous play and inappropriate conduct
      but coaches will be requested to substitute players to address instances
  • Size 3 Ball
  • No playoffs
Kelly Marriott
Weaver(PreK-K) vs Whitty(PreK-K)
Rusk(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Kincanon(PreK-K) vs Gordon(PreK-K)
Egolf(PreK-K) vs Jenkins(PreK-K)
Rogers(PreK-K) vs Vasco(PreK-K)
Kargus(PreK-K) vs Elder(PreK-K)
Nievod(PreK-K) vs Gonnelli(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Kincanon(PreK-K)
Whitty(PreK-K) vs Egolf(PreK-K)
Elder(PreK-K) vs Rusk(PreK-K)
Gordon(PreK-K) vs Rogers(PreK-K)
Jenkins(PreK-K) vs Kargus(PreK-K)
Vasco(PreK-K) vs Nievod(PreK-K)
Gonnelli(PreK-K) vs Weaver(PreK-K)
Rogers(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Jenkins(PreK-K) vs Elder(PreK-K)
Weaver(PreK-K) vs Vasco(PreK-K)
Kincanon(PreK-K) vs Rusk(PreK-K)
Nievod(PreK-K) vs Gordon(PreK-K)
Egolf(PreK-K) vs Gonnelli(PreK-K)
Kargus(PreK-K) vs Whitty(PreK-K)
Rusk(PreK-K) vs Rogers(PreK-K)
Gordon(PreK-K) vs Weaver(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Nievod(PreK-K)
Elder(PreK-K) vs Kincanon(PreK-K)
Gonnelli(PreK-K) vs Kargus(PreK-K)
Whitty(PreK-K) vs Jenkins(PreK-K)
Vasco(PreK-K) vs Egolf(PreK-K)
Kargus(PreK-K) vs Vasco(PreK-K)
Rogers(PreK-K) vs Kincanon(PreK-K)
Jenkins(PreK-K) vs Gonnelli(PreK-K)
Nievod(PreK-K) vs Rusk(PreK-K)
Whitty(PreK-K) vs Elder(PreK-K)
Weaver(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Egolf(PreK-K) vs Gordon(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Egolf(PreK-K)
Gordon(PreK-K) vs Kargus(PreK-K)
Gonnelli(PreK-K) vs Whitty(PreK-K)
Vasco(PreK-K) vs Jenkins(PreK-K)
Rusk(PreK-K) vs Weaver(PreK-K)
Kincanon(PreK-K) vs Nievod(PreK-K)
Elder(PreK-K) vs Rogers(PreK-K)
Weaver(PreK-K) vs Kincanon(PreK-K)
Whitty(PreK-K) vs Vasco(PreK-K)
Nievod(PreK-K) vs Rogers(PreK-K)
Jenkins(PreK-K) vs Gordon(PreK-K)
Egolf(PreK-K) vs Rusk(PreK-K)
Kargus(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Gonnelli(PreK-K) vs Elder(PreK-K)
Gordon(PreK-K) vs Whitty(PreK-K)
Elder(PreK-K) vs Nievod(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Jenkins(PreK-K)
Rogers(PreK-K) vs Weaver(PreK-K)
Kincanon(PreK-K) vs Egolf(PreK-K)
Rusk(PreK-K) vs Kargus(PreK-K)
Vasco(PreK-K) vs Gonnelli(PreK-K)
Vasco(PreK-K) vs Elder(PreK-K)
Jenkins(PreK-K) vs Rusk(PreK-K)
Whitty(PreK-K) vs Geld(PreK-K)
Weaver(PreK-K) vs Nievod(PreK-K)
Kargus(PreK-K) vs Kincanon(PreK-K)
Egolf(PreK-K) vs Rogers(PreK-K)
Gonnelli(PreK-K) vs Gordon(PreK-K)
Elder(PreK-K) vs Weaver(PreK-K)
Nievod(PreK-K) vs Egolf(PreK-K)
Rogers(PreK-K) vs Kargus(PreK-K)
Kincanon(PreK-K) vs Jenkins(PreK-K)
Gordon(PreK-K) vs Vasco(PreK-K)
Geld(PreK-K) vs Gonnelli(PreK-K)
Rusk(PreK-K) vs Whitty(PreK-K)