Girls 7-8 Division (2021 Playoffs)

Fall 2021 Playoff Semifinal

Fall 2021 Playoff Semifinal


Fall 2021 Championship


Fall 2021 All-Star Game


Fall 2021 Regular Season Standings

1Richard(G78 – Purple)40512517
2Linton(G78 – Orange)33211811
3Hieatzman(G78 – Blue/Teal)13411107
4Reisterstown(G78 – Gray)2417187
General Rules and Information

All divisions follow FIFA rules with some exceptions in the divisions to maintain the instructional nature of the recreational program. Division coordinators send out season-by-season divisional changes.

General Information
  • 11 v 11 with Offside calls
  • Two 24 minute halves; no extra-time
  • No slide tackles
  • No substitution on free kicks.
  • Cards are issued for dangerous play and inappropriate conduct
  • Size 5 Ball
  • All teams play in the playoff tournament
  • Placement Standings: Win (3 pts), Draw (1 pt), Loss (0 pts) with
      tiebreaker as Coach head-to-head record, then least goals allowed, then coin toss
  • FOS overtime format if a playoff tournament games ends in a tie
  • More info…
All-Star Game
  • Two teams; all teams represented
Jason Hahn