Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help coach? I’m not experienced with soccer.

Absolutely! It’s one of the best experiences you can have. And the league offers coaching training, session guides and assistance for coaches of all levels. Just register yourself as a Volunteer the same way you registered your child as a player. And don’t forgot to complete the background check (required by Carroll County). The instructions are in the Handouts section. There is no cost to register to volunteer or complete the background check.

Can a player play on a Travel team and a Rec team?

No. If your child is playing in Travel they can not play in our Rec league.

What do we do if our daughter / son wants to try out for Travel Soccer?

Sign up for Travel Soccer and do not sign up for Rec. If your child does not make travel, when you receive that notice complete a Late Registration form indicating, in the comments area, that your child had tried out for Travel. You will not have to pay the late fee.

Can a player play on a High School team and a Rec team?

Yes, if the player is on the High School JV team.
No, if the player is on the High School Varsity team.

What do we do if our daughter / son is trying out for High School Soccer?

Register your child for Rec Soccer during our Registration dates and indicate, in the comments area, that your child is trying out for High School. If your child makes the JV team and wishes to play Rec also they can. If your child makes Varsity or makes JV and does not wish to play Rec advise the Division Coordinator.

Can you get a refund for the Registration fee if our child decides not to play?

Yes, the refund requests need to be e-mailed to

If the request is received on or before 15 July (Fall Season) or 17 March (Spring Season) you receive the entire fee less a $15.00 administrative fee.

Any refund request received after 15 July (Fall) or 17 March (Spring) will not be honored unless the request is due to an injury which would not allow the player to participate during the season or the player evaluates onto a High School team.

Can my child play up?

Yes, if they have the physical and mental ability we will consider allowing a player to play up into a division ahead of their grade. Please make the request to the Age Division Coordinator of the division you wish your child to play in and the League Commissioner using the email addresses from the board link to the left. We ask that the parents in requesting this remember most kids enjoy playing in the same division as their friends from school or home.

What type of equipment do we need?

The league will provide your child with a uniform which will consist of a shirt, pants (Fall) and socks that we require the players wear at each game. You will need to purchase shin guards, which must be worn under the soccer socks for each game. Your child should have a water bottle for practices and games to keep them hydrated. Your child can play in sneakers, but if you wish to purchase soccer shoes/cleats you need to make sure you purchase soccer shoes that do not have a cleat located in the front toe area (no football shoes).

If you wish to purchase a soccer ball for your child the following is a list of the soccer ball sizes for the divisions they play in:

  • Size 3 Clinic, PreK-Kindergarten, Boys and Girls 1 & 2 and Coed 1-2 (Spring)
  • Size 4 Boys 3, Boys 4, Boys 5, Girls 3-5 and Coed 3-5 (Spring)
  • Size 5 Boys 7-8, Girls 6-8, High School and Coed 6-8 (Spring)

Why was a foul called for heading the ball?

As per U.S. SOCCER’S PLAYER SAFETY CAMPAIGN: CONCUSSION INITIATIVES & HEADING FOR YOUTH PLAYERS, players 11 and under shall not engage in heading, either in practice or in games.

Therefore, during a game, whenever the ball strikes a player in the head, play is stopped. The proper restart depends upon whether the player deliberately played the ball with his or her head. If deliberate, the proper restart is an indirect free kick to the opposing team. If this occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If the play by the head is deemed inadvertent, then the proper restart is a dropped ball.

How can I contact the league?

Click on the Contact Us menu under Info and see what e-mail address is appropriate for your communication. Just click on the board members e-mail address assigned to that person and send them an email with your question.